Our Vision Leeds is a city of hopeful expectation, where God is seen and known in different ways.
Our Mission Serving the community – to offer Christian hope.
Our Promise We aim to provide a safe space where people can tell their stories and we will listen.

Our mission

As a Methodist Mission, located in the Oxford Place Centre in the city centre of Leeds, we are here to support and bring hope to all those who live, work or drift into the city, including those who are the most vulnerable and those holding power. Working in partnership with other Methodists, ecumenical partners, the charity and voluntary sector, and civic authorites, we explore the issues facing the city, offer practical support and use opportunites to talk about spirituality and demonstrate God's living presence amongst us.

We believe in a God who can bring transformation into lives and communites; a God of justice, joy, peace, love and hope. We offer the Good News of Jesus – that God's new world has begun through the resurrection of Jesus Christ and everyone can be part of this new world.

With a proud heritage of city centre Christan mission dating back 180 years, Oxford Place Centre has two active worshipping congregations as well as a full-time Deacon whose work is supported by volunteers. As a project of the Leeds Methodist District, our work is sustained by the prayers and practical support of Methodists across the region. Whilst we host a signifcant number of Methodist District and regional meetings, many of the other visitors using the Oxford Place Centre do not share our faith. However, we hope that our Christan ethos, beliefs and values shine through the work we do here.

With an accessible city centre location, the Oxford Place Centre aims to be generous in its use of its premises, so we offer affordable office space and conferencing facilites, as well as numerous projects that focus on supporting the vulnerable. The Centre offers a sacred space in the heart of the city where people can pause, ponder and pray. Whether you are looking for refreshments in the café; the use of a toilet; a chance to share your troubles; or an opportunity to explore faith issues, we aim to offer hospitality and a warm welcome.

Leeds Methodist Mission aims to care for each person who visits the Oxford Place Centre, listening to their stories and exploring who they are and how they fit into their community. We hope that by engaging with us they will leave feeling better informed, inspired, reinvigorated and hopefully with a sense of some peace.

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