How to find the Centre

Oxford Place Centre is in the 'Civic Quarter' of the city on the corner of Oxford Place and Westgate, between the Combined Courts Centre and Leeds Town Hall.

Our postcode is LS1 3AX

Oxford Place Centre Schematic map of location
Approaching from the west

Approaching Oxford Place Centre
from the west

Approaching from the east

Approaching Oxford Place Centre
from the east

Leeds Town Hall The Town Hall is your best landmark, most people can direct you to it. If you are facing the front of the Town Hall then the Oxford Place Centre is to your left.

Parking around Oxford Place is limited and can be expensive. It can be difficult to find a place at certain times during the week.

The Leeds CityBus runs every day except Sunday and follows a circular route around the city centre. It stops near the Oxford Place Centre (ask for the Town Hall) and can be boarded at several places around the city centre including Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) the rail station, the bus station as well as the Town Hall.

There is a 50p charge per journey. MetroCards, Season and Day tickets are accepted, but, on weekdays, concessionary tickets are only accepted after 9.30am.

The location of the Centre on street maps of Leeds

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