Please read about the proposed re-development of the Oxford Place Centre and the consequent changes that will take place over the next 12 months. It is expected that the contact information given on this page will continue to be correct until September 2018 and possibly beyond.

Contact information

Oxford Place Centre

Lettings, tenancies and the use of the Centre

Trevor Parker
Conference and Property Manager
0113 245 3502

Postal address

Oxford Place Centre
Oxford Place Leeds LS1 3AX

Leeds Methodist Mission

Governance and oversight

Kenneth Tait
Secretary to the Leeds Methodist Mission Council

Outreach in the city and chaplaincy within the Centre

Deacon Jenny Jones
0113 242 5254

Oxford Place Methodist Church


The Revd Tim Boocock
07926 584 858

Senior Church Steward

Irene Hebden
0113 260 4561

Leeds South and West Circuit

Superintendent Minister

The Revd Tim Boocock
07926 584 858

Circuit Administrator

0113 279 4816

Leeds Christian Fellowship Church

Delessa Gugsa

Web site

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