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The Care Centre (sometimes called the Basement) is entered through the gate to the left of the main entrance. Once through the gate go down the steps leading to the door into the basement of the main building.

The Main Entrance to the Centre is on Oxford Place, the street at the side of the Town Hall. This entrance gives access to the staff offices, the worship area, the Lounge Café, and most of the meeting rooms.

If you are not sure where in the Centre you need to be, then start by asking in here.

The Oxford Chambers is entered through the door below the tower to the right of the main entrance up Oxford Place.

To get to the Gallery go into the Oxford Chambers and take the lift or the stairs to the top floor. The Gallery is the upper floor of the main building.


Disabled access
There is access for the disabled to all parts of the Oxford Place Centre.

There are external permanent ramps and various kinds of lifts inside. Toilets for the disabled are also provided.

Please ring (0113) 245 3502 if you would like more information.

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This page updated 2016-07-22