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This page is for members of the Council and provides links to some confidential documents. Please note that such documents are protected by a password. All other documents are unrestricted.

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Future meetings

  • None

The Council will be dissolved on 31st August 2017 and replaced by two new district groups. For more information as it becomes available please contact

Meeting held on 05-June-2017

Meeting held on 08-May-2017

  • Agenda
    Discussion of the Fire Risk Assessment Report and the Asbestos Survey Report for the Oxford Place Centre.
  • Minutes (Final dated 2017-06-05 minor typographical changes since 2017-05-01) [ View/Download ]
  • Annex A - Fire Risk Assessment Report [ View/Download ]
  • Annex B - Extract from Asbestos Survey Report [ View/Download ]

Meeting held on 03-April-2017

  • Agenda
    Discussion of the decision made by the Leeds District Synod at its meeting on 1st April 2017 regarding the future of the Oxford Place Centre.
  • Minutes (Final dated 2017-05-23 no changes since 2017-05-01) [ View/Download ]
  • Annex A - Towards a renewed mission [ View/Download ]

Meeting held on 07-February-2017

Meeting held on 10-October-2016

Meeting held 16-June-2016

Meeting held 02-February-2016

  • Agenda [View/Download]
  • Minutes (Final) – The earlier version dated 2016-02-13 is identical except that the word 'Draft' has been changed to 'Final' [View/Download]
  • Annex A - Report of discussion re architect and planned work [View/Download]
  • Annex B - Proposals regarding the Café [View/Download]
  • Annex C - Mission Statement [View/Download]
  • Annex D - Conference and Property Manager's Report [View/Download]
  • Annex E - Review of discussion re trustees [View/Download]

Meeting held 07-October-2015

Meeting held 22-July-2015

Meeting held 26-January-2015

Meeting held 15-October-2014

Meeting held 25-June-2014

Meeting held 17-February-2014

Meeting held on 4-December-2013

Meeting held on 3-October-2013

  • Agenda [View/Download]
  • Minutes [View/Download]
  • Annex A - Towards an understanding of our purpose included with the agenda]
  • Annex B - Safeguarding Policy [View/Download]
  • Annex C - Person to Person Listening Service : Main Responsibilities and Duties [View/Download]
  • Annex D - Oxford Place Children's Centre : Volunteer Job Description [View/Download]
  • Annex E - Conferencing and room hire charges 2014 [View/Download]

Further archives (not yet complete)

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